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A Brief History...

Founded in 1997, Sharkbite cut its teeth in the world of print design, branding + illustration before climbing quickly to the canvas of cyberspace and the onslaught of the internet age.

Sharkbite designers and programmers bring a diverse and broad range of skills founded on the principles of good design aesthetics and have positioned our boutique agency to compete at any level; providing outstanding value for exceptional work.


Our clients have shared their love, but how about some thoughts on what they mean to us?
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Azaris Studios Inc. - Vortex CMS Web Development

Rebecca Blissett - Photography



The Drift Art Society - Main St Art Festival in Vancouver

The Land Awards - Real Estate Foundation Awards Gala

The Hangar Show - Arnt Arntzen + Virginia Ivanicki Art Exhibit

Inner City Christmas Dinner - Downtown Eastside Charity Dinner