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Reverse Testimonials

Last week I put Gabriel through the paces creating 11 posters and an advertorial for me on short notice. He did an amazing job in such a short time frame. Our corporate team was really impressed and I was so grateful for his calm and collected manner through the process.
Megan, Account Manager, PR Associates

These sorts of project demands are part of the job, and the professionals at PR Associates always understand how to manage workflow and make what could be the most arduous of tasks easier and fullfilling to manage.
Sharkbite on working with PR Associates

I presented the new packaging to our retailers and they unanimously broke into applause.  You should be proud of the direction you have established for Winexpert.  Brand imagery begins with the packaging and thanks to your efforts we have a beautiful foundation!
Lynne Burnside, Director of Marketing, Winexpert Ltd.

Group efforts are commonplace at Sharkbite, and we are always so proud when the project produces these kind or results. We were so grateful for the people and resources that we worked with during this process.
Sharkbite on working with Winexpert

Thanks for all the hard work you guys have been doing for us over the past weeks. We’ve had some projects that have been challenging, with short deadlines and a never-ending edit cycle. Anyhow, know that we love you guys and appreciate all your hard work!
Rebecca Johnston, PR Associates 

We love working with the entire team at PR Associates; they are a professional, driven group of people with high standards and tight deadlines - but the work is challenging and the process is collaborative - conditions that bring out the best in us.
Sharkbite on working with PR Associates 

As longtime clients, it is Sharkbite's fresh ideas and staff that keep us coming back. Their ability to conceptualize an idea with minimal reworking, helps keep our projects on time and on budget.
Terri Evans, Coquitlam Farmer's Market

CFM is such a supportive and committed client; the relationship we have is supportive, inventive and at times almost effortless.
Sharkbite on working with Coquitlam Farmer's Market 

We love working with Sharkbite simply because they make us look great! They consistently produce captivating work for our events, are very innovative, flexible and willing to accommodate our last minute changes. We rely heavily on their expertise.
Nancy Hay, HayMatick Events 

Haymatick is such a positive client, even under the strain of deadlines. They have an abundance of creative energy that translates well to the collaborative process, with results that often exceed the challenges of pressure timelines.
Sharkbite on working with HayMatick Events 

Sharkbite's design team have been an integral part of our business success since day one; their desire to get to know us and our product is refreshing!
Ian Macphee, Abbeymoore Manor Inn 

Working with Abbeymoore has been an extremely rewarding experience. We are proud to be a part of one of Canada's consistently highest rated B&B Inns!
Sharkbite on working with Abbeymoore Manor Inn 

Going Rogue with Sharkbite was a great experience! Thanks for the collaborative work and creative ideas; Sharkbite was instrumental with the successful rebranding of our restaurant. I can’t wait to work with them again!
Marnie Burnett, Rogue Kitchen + Wetbar 

Rogue is a very hands-on client, drawing from internal sources to support part of their creative needs. Working with them on this project was a true collaboration; we were happily challenged and loved being a part of the rebranding process.
Sharkbite on working with Rogue Kitchen + Wetbar 

Sharkbite has helped KidSport Tri-Cities in so many ways. Their fast turn-around time, great design and expert service has been great. They’ve made it a lot easier for us to make sure ALL Kids Can Play!
Chris Wilson, KidSport Tricities 

Any project that has Chris Wilson attached to it is one that we are happy to be a part of. As always, working with another KidSport chapter is an effortless undertaking and an extremely rewarding experience.
Sharkbite on working with KidSport Tricities 

Sharkbite has consistently produced designs that have captured the essence of our organization and the programs we deliver. Their unique creative talents have played a significant role in developing our image.
Gord May, Coaches BC 

Everyone at Coaches BC is wonderful to work with; they rely on our input for many of their projects yet still provide supportive and concise direction. The results are always extremely rewarding.
Sharkbite on working with Coaches BC 

Working with Sharkbite was an amazing experience. They designed a great website and made adjustments as requested. They really got to know what I wanted by getting to know me as a person. That's personal attention I couldn't buy anywhere.
Hadj Gill - Grind Athletix 

Getting to know our clients is one of the most engaging aspects of our work. Grind Athletix's website project brought us close to Hadj Gill and the inspiring influence he brings to the people around him.
Sharkbite on working with Grind Athletix

Eggbeater took the time to really get to know us, our business and what we hoped to achieve with our website. They even helped us articulate needs we didn't fully understand ourselves. The results were great - we are extremely pleased.
John B. Hiebert, Task CM

John's faith in our expertise meant that we could confidently develop strategy from the top down and stretch our wings creatively. Working under low pressure constrictions maximized our output and inspired us to work harder.
Eggbeater on working with Task CM 

Sharkbite's commitment to the Real Estate Foundation Land Awards is greatly appreciated. Their design work contributes directly to the overall success of the event which is dedicated to water sustainability in BC.
Leta Smith, REFBC 

Leta Smith is probably one of the best organized managers we've had a chance to work with. Her efficiencies give us ample room for our creative process and the results are always rewarding.
Sharkbite on working with REFBC 

We were so pleased with the way Sharkbite was able to capture the essence of our brand and deliver it to the world during the 2010 Olympics! Outstanding partners!
Barbara Mitchell, Mizuno Canada Ltd. 

The 2010 Olympic Mizuno retail store design had tight timelines and challenging work. Barbara and the marketing team's positive and realistic approach with the process made our job a breeze - we loved this project!
Sharkbite on working with Mizuno 

Sharkbite has designed a visually stunning and dynamic website template that will provide a tremendous tool for all 39 of our community chapters in BC.
Pete Quevillon, KidSport BC 

Pete and KidSport BC are the sort of group we love working with; inspired + motivated, while providing us the freedom to work effectively for the best results. We have an abundance of respect for the great work KidSport is doing.
Sharkbite on working with KidSport BC 

I've worked with Sharkbite for years and whenever we needed them they were there! Always explained things clearly, fixed problems right away and most of all came up with fabulous ideas.
Valerie, Eastside Culture Crawl + The Hangar Show 

Valerie opened up so many doors for us creatively; introduced us to her posse of artists, collaborated on multiple projects and through her usual abundance of energy, gave us the inspiration to push all of our creative limits.
Sharkbite on working with ECC + Hangar Show 

The best yet! Thanks to all your designers for staying late to get this done for us! Even though it takes time to get all our heads together please know how much we appreciate your patience and creative efforts.
Paulanne, BC Innkeepers

BC Innkeepers is unique because of the many individual business interests in one group, but they really understand how to work collaboratively to a common goal. Great energy from this client - well worth the efforts.
Sharkbite on working with BC Innkeepers 

You have all been very generous with your time. I do very much appreciate it. You guys did a great job and Eoin is terrific to work with. You certainly have me out there spreading the Sharkbite news!  So many thanks.
Warren Murfitt, Murfitt Guitars 

Warren's site became a labour of love and we loved pushing the envelope on the gallery images; the site does justice to the beautiful pieces coming out of this talented artist's studio
Sharkbite on working with Warren Murfitt 

You guys kick some serious tail!  :)  I’m ridiculously excited about the launch of our new Access Sport site!
Jenn Beagan, Access Sport

Access Sport, and in particular Jenn Beagan, was one of those clients that truly understand the creative collaborative process. The project was full of positive energy, solid direction and cooperation. We loved working with Jenn!
Sharkbite on working with Access Sport