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Size matters

Posted on Nov 3, 2011 0

Put aside those causes for now...

  • Suspend the occupying,
  • hold the protesting, 
  • take a break from freeing Tibet - we need your help.

Companies worldwide are trying like hell to convice you that you need to carry THEIR particular plastic member card around in your wallet, and it's becoming increasingly clear that as our personal collection grows, it does so with a uniformity that gaps every country and culture. Everywhere you go in the world, the "credit card" plastic card is universally understood to exist at its chosen size.

Business cards were supposed to grow extinct in our paperless world, but the reality is that eventhough we may choose not to add them to our Rolodex any longer, they still have the necessary staying power to migrate and often find homes in our wallets.

So why then, are they sized to not co-exist in perfect harmony?

It seems an easy enough problem to solve, but if you go to any printer and ask them for a rounded corner, credit card sized business card, you'll be charged through the wazoo for such an incredible request.

Sharkbite is committed to ending this great divide and will endevour to make harmony in this critical area.

Peace out.

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