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Connecting Facebook to Twitter

Posted on Nov 13, 2012 0

You're brilliant and amazing and the wisdom you possess must be shared!

The challenge is, you need to maximize your marketing time for other equally important tasks or, as in my case, you've got this reputation as being a lazy sod and again can't find the strength to post in more than one place. To-MAY-toes, To-MAW-toes... let's not banter over the "why", let's just get to the "how"!

There are several ways to set up auto-posting between social networks. Both Facebook and Twitter now have options to auto-post tweets/status updates to each other, and its just a case of flicking the right switches.

Whether you connect Twitter to post on Facebook or Facebook to post to Twitter is up to you, it really depends on which network you prefer (or is less of a time drain for you) to be on. 

Let's Get Started!

1.  To begin, go to this setup link within Facebook. You should see a screen similar to this one:

2.  Click the "link to Twitter" button (as shown above)

If you have been posting as your business page you will get a message saying “To access this page, you’ll need to switch from using Facebook as your page to using Facebook as yourself.” So click to go back to using FB as your name. You can set up some options later (as outlined below in point #7) so only your page will be linked to Twitter and not your personal profile updates)

3.  Click “link my profile to twitter” and authorize FB to use Twitter by entering your log in details.

4.  Un-check all of the boxes next to your name and click "save changes".

5.  Click the button "Link to Twitter" next to the page you want to connect.

6.  You will have to authorize Twitter again but you shouldn’t need to re-enter your details as you are already logged in.

7.  You will now have another series of check boxes to tell Facebook which types of content you want to auto-post. Its up to you, but the minimum you want to include is status updates (I leave all the boxes checked to share all content) – hit save changes.

8.  Return to using Facebook as your page. You can do this by clicking the little down arrow at the top right of the screen next to "home" you will see an option to "use Facebook as …". Click the button next to your page and you will now be posting to FB as your business page.

Anything you post as your page will only be visible on Facebook to those who have liked your page and anything you post in this mode will now automatically post to your Twitter stream until you disable the service.

And that is that.

A note about content – Twitter only allows 140 characters per post – Facebook allows considerably more (up to 60,000 characters at the time of writing). Luckily though, if you post something larger than 140 characters to Facebook, Twitter will abbreviate it and link back to the full post on FB.

Ensure you start your posts with something relevant to the main content so that your Twitter followers are enticed to click the link over to Facebook to read more.

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