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Will Brand Campaigns Predict the US Election Outcome?

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 3

What better way to gauge the sentiment of the US electorate than to watch their consumption habits leading up to the big day! 

With the US election now hours away from the first polls closing, we can now safely turn away from the regular election analytics and focus on the only true barometer for predicting results: the Presidential Chia Head sales results.

According to Chia's official site, the results show Obama winning with 62.9% of sales compared to Romney's 36.3%. The life-like Romney Chia Head has spiked in sales, moving up 7 percentage points from last month's figures.

Chia's president and founder, Joe Pedott, has both figure-heads growing on his desk and says that the Obama one is showing some patchy growth, while Mitt's full head of hair is flourishing.

The company has been running a commercial featuring the race since September 17th:


But that's not where the brand comparisons end...

According to Spirit Halloween, the largest seasonal Halloween retailer in the US, Obama masks have been outselling Romney's by a 60 percent to 40 percent margin. The 1,000-store chain even has its own "presidential index," which uses nationwide sales of candidates' masks to predict the outcome of the most important U.S. election every four years.

As unscientific as the methodology may be, Spirit Halloween has accurately predicted the election winner by charting national mask sales since it started keeping track in 1996.



According to spa and beauty brand Bliss, their scented body lotion "Obama Orange" is garnering 54% of the vote compared to "Mint-Romney" trailing at 46%. 



Cincinnati's Busken Bakery has been selling Presidential cookies since 1984. Owner Dan Busken recently told CNN that the results match the electoral vote count within 2%.



According to California Tortilla's 2012 Presidential Burrito Bowl campaign (yuck on so many levels), they let customers vote with their tastebuds, but these results could be the least scientific of the bunch, as we're guessing any sane person would choose a Chicken Teriyaki Luau Bowl over a Mexican Mitt-loaf on any given day.




November 11, 2012 at 08:42 PM

You should post the election results so we can see how close these brands did overall. Great post!


November 6, 2012 at 04:18 PM

I guess I'm the only one who has actually tried the Mitt-loaf. It wasn't too bad tasting and was pretty tasty.


November 6, 2012 at 04:16 PM

So awesome. Please post the comparative election results once they're in!

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